19 December 2016
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Canada Finalizes a Solar Energy Investment in Pakistan

According to recent media reports, the Canadian government has signed an agreement to set up as much as 1GW solar power in a new solar energy investment project in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan.

The Pakistanian province of Balochistan has received a major boost in solar power investments and solar energy investments from the Canadian government. According to a recent media report, the large-scale solar project will be funded after a team of Canadian experts visit Quetta to finalize the project.

Currently the solar energy investment plan is for Canada to set up as much as 20 solar power projects of 50 MW capacity each. These projects are expected to be distributed across the province of Balochistan, Pakistan.

However, Canada is not the first country to invest in solar power in Pakistan. In the recent years, Pakistan has seen a strong increase in investments in the renewable energy sector from foreign investors. Reports show that investors have poured as much as $3 billion into the solar energy sector in Pakistan. These investments are made mostly from European governments and companies.

The Canadian Project

The Canadian project in Balochistan has been made possible due to the constitutional powers of the provincial government of Pakistan. Under the 18th Amendment Chief Secretary Saifullah Chattah has signed the agreement for the solar energy plan with the Canadian officials earlier in July, 2016 in Islamabad.

As aforementioned, according to this agreement the Canadian government is to set up twenty plants across twenty locations in the province, which are currently yet to be chosen. These locations will be selected after Canadian experts visit the province to finilize the project and upon further consultation with the Balochistan Assembly. Once finilized, the Canadian project will become the second largest solar energy investment project in Pakistan and the biggest in the Balochistan province.

Solar Energy Investment Pakistan Canada Balochistan Project

Investments in Pakistan

According to the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) the large interest of foreign investors, pouring as much as $3 billion into the development of the solar energy sector in Pakistan, is caused by a feed-in tariff regime, which makes reneawable energy an attractive investment.

Amjad Awan, the CEO of AEDB further stated that as much as 25 solar power projects representing 663 MW of cumulative capacity are expected to be commissioned by 2018. The provincial government of Punjab in Pakistan has also issued such projects for as much as 600 MW solar power capacity.

The Biggest Solar Energy Investment Projects in Pakistan

Currently, the biggest investor in solar energy in Pakistan is China. Furthermore, the largest project in the country has an installed capacity of 100 MW and is expected to be increased by 300 MW soon, eventually reaching a capacity of 1 GW by 2017.

The Canadian project for solar energy investment in Pakistan will become the second largest in the country, if everything goes smoothly. Currently, Canadian officials have yet to state when the team of experts will be send to Balochistan to finalize the solar energy investment project with the help of the Balochistanian Assembly. However, it shows that Canada is taking a major step into becoming one of the biggest green energy advocates in the world.