29 October 2016
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Canada’s Largest Solar PV Rooftop System

The Leduc Recreation Center in Canada currently has the country’s largest Solar PV Rooftop System. The massive array of panels is said to be able to increase Alberta’s solar capacity with up to 10 percent, when it starts generating power. 

Alberta, Canada, is becoming one of the fastest growing solar energy providers in the country. One of the main reasons for the sudden growth is the recent completion of a huge solar PV project in the city of Leduc. This one project will single-handedly increase Alberta’s solar capacity with as much as 10 percent, when the power generation starts later this month.

On the massive rooftop of the Leduc’s Recreation Center, a number of solar panels have been placed to generate more than 1.4 megawatts of solar power. Currently, the province’s solar energy production is only about 10.3 MW. Even though this is only one percent of the total energy generating capacity of the city, it is nonetheless a huge step forward in going greener and the use of renewable energy sources.

Alberta Going Solar

This is not the only project in Alberta that aims to deliver new solar energy solutions. In fact there are plans in the province to increase the solar energy production with as much as 300 MW of power in the upcoming year. Currently one 15-megawatt solar project has received the needed regulatory approval. At the same time five other projects, ranging from 19 to 80 MW in size, have applied for such approval.

The Leduc Recreation Centre

The project might seem small having in mind the percentage of energy output, but it is the largest rooftop solar PV system in Canada. Furthermore, it’s capacity of 1.4 MW will be enough to provide as much as 15 percent of the centre’s needed electricity.

The city of Leduc also has additional solar plans in the near future. Currently the city is installing a 630-kilowatt solar power system on the city’s operation building. This solar energy output will be enough to provide for the full energy needs for the building.

Greg Krischke, Mayor of Leduc, stated that they have a clear environmental policy and mandate and that they will constantly look for ways in which the city can be more environmentally sustainable.

Towards a Solar PV powered Future

The company installing the Leduc’s solar panels, Enmax, also have great plans for Alberta and Canada. John Rilett, Enmax’s director of distributed generation, stated that the company has currently installed as much as 4 MW of solar PV capacity across Alberta. He further stated that “renewables are growing much more quickly than other forms of generation” and that they are “really trying to get [themselves] ready for the future and what comes next.”

The University of Alberta also have plans to go solar. With new opportunities for staff and students, the university is hoping to install solar panels that will produce about 1 MW of power.

Even though the projects in Alberta might seem small in comparison to other solar projects throughout the world, including the solar projects Canada has invested in, in Pakistan, they are nonetheless the first necessary step into a brighter and greener solar future.