29 January 2017
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What is CanSIA and how it can help Canadian Solar Energy Producers

A national, non-profit association, CanSIA is aimed at powering Canada’s Future with Solar Electricity. 

Working on behalf of its members, CanSIA is a non-profit association located in Canada that has the purpose of shaping Canada’s solar future. Invested heavily in renewable energy, the association has the mission of promotion reasonable and sustainable growth of the solar energy production in the country. Actively representing the solar industry in Canada, the association is promoting the benefits of solar energy power.

Who is CanSIA?

Formed as early as 1992, CanSIA is the result of a merger between two other associations, the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CSIA) and the Canadian Photovoltaic Industries (CPIA). Playing a major role in the transition to a clean-energy future, canSIA is focusing on making Solar Energy a primary source for everyone in Canada.

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Helping Shape the Solar Future

With the recent reports provided by SEIA, it’s hard to deny that solar power is the future. Believing in that, CanSia has adopted a new business model and would like to take the position of being the trusted voice for the whole solar industry in Canada. The association aims to be the driving force in the policy and regulatory advocacy and in the government relations.

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CanSIA and Ontario’s Solar Energy Industry

CanSIA is also actively helping the Ontario Solar Energy Industry. In a recent report by the association, CanSIA shows how Ontario became a green energy leader and give tips on how it can stay the course. They state that with the passage of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act in 2009, Ontario has transformed into a true leader in its ambitious effort for a green power industry. According to the report, the Green Energy and Green Economy Act have helped Ontario be Canada’s most invested town into clean energy development and employment. They also state that over eighty percent of Ontarians want to see more green energy.

Sharing the Knowledge

One of the main driving visions of the association is that knowledge should be shared. Raising awareness and overcoming barriers, knowledge sharing according to the association will help the solar energy industry be more stable and achieve a long-term growth.

Working Hard

Currently the member networks of the association are working on multiple projects to drive Canada into a greener future. Their three main networks are their policy and market development network, utility and regulatory affairs network and their communications network. Implementing strategic project each year, CanSIA helps active members tackle long-term objectives into the development of the solar industry of Canada.

Transforming Ontario to Transform Canada

Currently, the strongest focus of CanSIA is driving forward the Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan by empowering Ontarians to implement the changes in the generation of solar energy. The Association also helps the citizens of Ontario make the shift from fossil fuels in order to ensure the bright and green future of Canada.

CanSIA has proven that they are one of the leading associations into driving the solar industry in Canada to a better future. While their main focus is currently set on Ontario, the proven changes may help the whole of Canada transition into the use of renewable energy. If you’re looking for more news about solar energy in Ottawa, check out our homepage.