13 May 2016
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Why Every Homeowner Should Own Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall

When it comes to ways on how to save energy, one of the useful and creative ideas that has been tested and tried is the use of solar power. The sun can be said to be such a rich source of energy which can be used by anyone more so people who require large amounts of energy without having to spend too much money.

Today there is a wide variety of gadgets out there that are designed to collect and store the green energy from the sun for later use in our homes as well as industries. One very remarkable gadget that comes in quite handy for homeowners who want to take advantage of solar power is the $3500 Powerwall from Tesla Motors. Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall is designed to store electricity generated from solar panels or the regular power when rates are minimal for 3 major purposes;

1) Domestic consumption.
2) Backup power.
3) Load shifting.

Tesla’s product is capable of powering a whole house’s premises for almost 8 hours during a power outage. The power supply potential of this cutting-edge product suggests that it has the capacity to revolutionize the field of power backup. The Powerwall is proving to be practical even if you don’t experience numerous power outages in your area.

specs for tesla's new powerwall unit
Why You Should Consider Equipping Your Home with the $3,500 Powerwall from Tesla Motors

With Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall, powering your home in style without breaking the bank need not be a challenge. Here are a few things that set this product apart from the competition.

1) Cost Savings

The price for electricity may differ over the course of the day. Some electricity companies offer time-of-use plans that charge you based on the time of day you consume electricity. Usually, higher rates are charged during peak hours (nighttime) whereas lower rates are available during off-peak hours (daytime).Apart from bridging the gap between peak solar and peak demand, the $3500 Powerwall from Tesla can also save you money via load shifting. As said before, it also stores the regular power, stockpiling energy during cheaper off-peak periods and discharging that energy at night when energy is more costly.

2) It Makes for a Perfect Way to Harvest Solar Energy

This product stockpiles energy generated by solar panels during the day and makes it available to your home when the sun goes down. This bridges the gap between peak solar and peak demand, enabling you to utilize solar energy at the most appropriate time.

3) Emergency Backup 

Say goodbye to the day-to-day power outage inconveniences from your local energy provider that you always have to contend with. With Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall installed along with solar panels, there is no need to fret about power outage since this machine can power your entire home or certain appliances with a steady supply of electricity.

4) Tesla Powerwall Helps You Achieve a Net zero Energy Rating

When your home produces as much energy as it utilizes, but is still hooked up to the utility grid for periods of high demand, then it qualifies for a net zero energy rating. Combine one or more Tesla Powerwalls and a couple of solar panels to power your home without having to rely on the utility grid.

5) High Efficiency Ratio

When it comes to shopping for energy backup products, efficiency is a key consideration. The ratio of the useful work performed by most rechargeable lithium-ion home battery products to the total energy expended is not very impressive. However, the same does not hold true for Tesla’s $3500 Powerwall. This product has a 92.5% round trip efficiency when charged or discharged, increasing the system performance.

6) This Product Is Not Bulky

While there are plenty of home battery backup solutions out there, they tend to be much bulkier than the Tesla product. Unlike its rivals that weigh several hundred KGs, this incredible power backup solution only weighs a little more than 220lb.

If you are in search of a means to power your home in style and safeguard it against power outages without having to put a dent in your wallet, look no further than Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall. This product is compact, automated, as well as easy to install. With it, never again should you be inconvenienced by power outage from your local energy provider because the Powerwall will supply you with more than enough emergency backup.

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