10 September 2016
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Hydro Ottawa may not be the best Energy Choice

Hydro Ottawa crews took a few weeks to restore the power throughout the city earlier this July. This indicates that it might be the right time to switch to solar. 

Earlier this July, after a storm in Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa took a few weeks to restore the power throughout the whole city. As the damage of the electrical systems was massive, including power lines, which were downed, the crews were not able to handle the job as efficiently. This might indicate a huge problem in the local power system, signifying that this might be the right time to switch to solar energy.

Hydro Ottawa was quick to issue the emergency response once the storm hit, in order to ensure the safety of its customers and restore the outages completely. However, most customers were worried, because of the damages such lack of energy can produce. Furthermore, the fallen power lines were proving to be a danger for the citizens of Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa even went further to state that customers should stay at least 10 meters away from the fallen power lines. They also recommended that if something were to happen, customers should call 911 immediately.

The Bigger Picture

It’s hard to see why people should deal with such problems when we are surrounded with alternative solutions to our energy problems. More than one report shows that everyone in the world is starting to make the switch to solar, so why aren’t we?

According to some, it’s a bit harder for a Canadian to switch to Solar, but in fact, this is not the case. With this in mind, citizens of Ottawa should definitely consider their options, because as Hydro Ottawa has proven numerous times, the electric grid might not be as safe and secure as previously thought.

The Hydro Ottawa July Incident

The Hydro Ottawa incident from this July not only caused a lot of damages, but it also brought light to other issues. We are so trusting of the system that we rarely think about the safety and security of the electrical grid, we rely on. In our times, people do their jobs from their homes and pretty much everything they rely on is powered by the electrical grid.

Having this in mind, the July Incident should serve as an example of why you might need to switch to solar. If you do, you won’t have to endure the stress of waiting the Hydro Ottawa crew to fix your powerlines. Even if your power goes off, you would simply have to switch on your electrical battery and you’d be good to go.

If you need help switching to solar, be sure to contact us. We’ll provide you with a number of quotes and solutions and we’ll try to help you find the perfect solar power solution in Ottawa for you. Today, more than ever, it’s easier and cheaper to make the switch to solar. Once you do, there will be no more power outages. Thus, be sure to make the switch to renewable sources and solar power, today!