15 November 2016
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Is It Harder to go Solar in Canada?

Living off the electrical grid and making the switch to renewable energy power is a great choice. What’s more it might seem harder to go solar in Canada, but it is certainly not impossible to do. 

With the recent growth in the popularity of solar energy solutions it’s hard not to think about switching to renewable energy. The cost of Solar in Canada has dropped so low that it will certainly be far cheaper for you to install a panel and start living green. However, things might not be that easy for Canadians. The main reason for this is that there aren’t many promotional information regarding the solar panel energy and how it helps you save and even earn money. However, we’re here to change that! Here is some information regarding solar and why it’s better for you.

How to Earn Money Via Solar in Canada

The usual Solar installation consist of a panel, which is installed on a south-facing roof on a household. This panel is filled with photovoltaic cells, which collect energy and convert it to Direct Current (DC). Then, an inverter converts the direct current into an alternating one (AC), which can power appliances in the home.

The energy used by you is tracked via a meter. Then, the energy, which you are not using is fed back to the electrical grid. On the cloudy and darker days, when you don’t have enough energy to power your home, your grid will give you the required energy. However, if you feed the electrical grid with more energy than you use, you’d be able to save up money on your electrical bill. What’s more, if the difference is bigger, the electrical company you use will credit you in the form of dollar amount.

Going Off The Grid

While you live on the grid, you’d be able to profit from your solar PV cells. However, you’d still be tied up to your electrical company. If you want to be completely off the grid and live a happy green life, then you can do that as well.

In order to go completely off the grid you will need a type of battery power generator. These battery power generators are able to store the excess solar energy you have in sunny days. This way, when the days are darker and cloudier and you can’t produce enough energy for your needs, the battery power generator will provide you with the energy you need. Currently, one of the best options in Canada to do such a think is the new Tesla Powerwall system. Even though it is still being tested throughout Canda, the initial response from Tesla battery users has been quite positive.

However, if you are truly going to go off the grid, you should be careful how much energy you produce and how much you use, so you’ll never run your battery dry.

Go Solar in Canada Now

Now is the best time to do the switch to solar. Whether you’d like to stay on the grid and make some profits from your Solar PV, or you’d like to completely go off the grid, you should definitely consider switching to Solar.