Canadian Solar Jobs

Do you want to way people in Ontario think about power? We do, too.

The energy market is appropriately 10 trillion dollars globally, and the solar industry sits at a mere 1% of that.  Despite that overwhelmingly small percentage if we could harness just one hour of sunlight all the entire needs of the world could be met for an entire year.  Solar technology gives us an opportunity to radically change the way energy is made, distributed and consumed.

solar jobs growth for the US in 2014This is why we believe solar power will become one of the leaders of energy production in both Ontario and throughout Canada in the next 10 years.  The industry not only promotes a strong sense of environmental responsibility, but also creates a growing job market in Ontario.  Since the 2009 recession, the solar industry has seen tremedous growth.

With that in mind, the level of technical training requires to work in the Canadian solar industry is high.  It’s definitely not a turnkey job, technicans are requires to be trained and certified.  The NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners) is the premier certifyting body for all solar industry technicans. An NABCEP certification demonstrates a gold standard in training.

Generally speaking, the first step in getting certified is to begin a job as PV (photovoltaic) systems installer.  Basic introductions into this field should include:

  • Be able to calculate basic electricity values
  • Correctly identify elements of PV (photovoltaic) systems
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of PV systems
  • Demonstrate a high level of knowledge about various PV systems
  • Understand daily and annual solar variations in your specific region
  • Learn the importance of PV location including: direction, angle and cloud cover.
  • Understand how to calculate electric production

Knowing all of this paves the foundation to anyone looking to find a job within the Canadian Solar Industry.  Passing the requires tests can open the doors to be a business owner, project manager or systems designer.  It’s best to think of solar installation as requiring the same training and expertise that any other trades would require.

For more information on finding a job as a solar installer in Ontario check out some of the links below:

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