Solar Education Resources for Kids and Teachers in Ontario

Website are a great way to get kids interested in solar energy and learn more.  Educating our children is the first step in creating the kind of society and citizens who promote and encourage more people in Ontario is adopt solar energy.  Below are a couple of great resources that can help spread the solar power message.

Solar Energy Coloring Book

Thanks to the Texas Solar Energy Society’s website for providing this printable coloring book here.

Roofus the Solar Energy Dog

Roofus helps kids learn about solar energy in easy to understand terms. Set up by the US energy website, it’s a great way to get kids to learn more.

NASA Climate Games

The NASA website has some great games for kids to learn more about solar power and wind energy.

Solar Energy International

This program offers a free 10-part lesson on Renewable Energy. Aimed at children ages 12 and up, it teachers them through videos, readings, quizzes and discussion activities.

A mini-course about how renewables work and how solar energy is generated.

Solar Energy Resources

The below websites are highly reputable and will help you get more information about going solar. If you would like a free estimate anytime don’t hesitate to call us.

Everything you need to know about solar panels in Ontario.  Including information to all the major projects, history and statistics.

One of the oldest and most reliable solar websites in Canada. They provide detailed information on solar rates and financing.

All the frequently asked questions you’ll need to know about Ontario’s solar power incentives.

The official website of the department of energy. Learn more about how you could save more using the microFIT program.

This website offers all the latest solar news and information.

NREL offers great informative information on the future direction of renewables.