Solar Hot Water Panels


Another method in which solar power can be utilized in the home is for hot water.  Specialized solar panels carry water and allow it to be heated within the paneling.  The solar energy is used to heat the fluid which is then carried to a hot water storage tank.

hot water heater that uses the sun's energy to heat water in ontario

Once enough hot water is gathered, the process restarts, taking cold water and pumping it throughout the panels.  As solar energy naturally heats the silicon panels, it provides a perfect solution for capturing heat energy.  One thing that most people don’t know about solar panels it that they actually get quite hot, this is why most installations require some space underneath the panel to allow cooler air to pass through. Overheated panels suffer from reduced efficiency. During the process of power generation there is usually a lot of excess heat energy.

how solar hot water works to heat residential areas

Hot water solar panels are generally installed via the roof. They are coated in a dark absorbent plate providing better insulation.  The water circulation tubes carry water to tank to be stored and used whenever your household requires hot water.  If the water cools it will be recirculated throughout the system. This requires a startup period in the morning as some of the heat within the system will be lost overnight.

These systems can be fully automated and provide small business owners or household with a cheap convenient way to reduce electrical and gas usage. Under the Ontario Power Association (OPA) residents are eligible for debates and discounts for using residential solar hot water tanks. Click here to find out more.