Renewable Energy Projects

As solar technology become more widespread we are starting to see huge projects being taken on throughout the world. The progress of solar technology reflects the ethos of a new generation committed to creating a world that will prosper in the future.  Technology has allowed projects to be started and maintained on both the provincial, municipal and international level.

We hope that one day residents of Ontario can received the benefits of large solar power facilities.

Here are a list of some of our favorite projects:

Longyangxia Dam

Located in China. The Longyanxia Dam is an arch-gravity dam on the entrance to the longyanxia canyon. It generates 850 MWp.

Solar Star

Located in Rosamond California, completed in June 2015. It’s currently the world’s largest solar farm using oer 1.7 million solar panels.  Created by solar giant Sun Power, it covers 13 square kilometers and generates a massive load of solar power for local residents and industry.

Topaz Solar Farm

Also located in Calornia in San Luis Obispo County, this project begin in 2011 and cost roughly 2.5 billion. Built and maintained by US firm First Solar.

The Desert Sunlight Solar Farm

This is a 550 megawatt farm located approximately six miles north of Desert Center in California.  This mega solar power facility is also run and operated by First Solar.

Morocco Solar Power

This is the one we are the most excited about. For one, a non-Western county is taking part in building the biggest solar power station in the world. When finished in 2018 it will provide power for over 1.1 million people. The project will save tons of carbon emissions per year.

Space-Based Solar Power

Earth-based solar power is always limited. Terristial solar paneling can never function at optimial capacity given the probability of atmospheric interference and weather conditions.  Spaced-based solar panels offer a solution to this. Space-based solar energy can be collected without any interference or interruption providing a consistent and extremely power form of power generation.

Although no major projects have been initialized, solar-based power stations are a destination in the near future.

Solar Tower of Power

US company Enviromission has planned a massive 1 kilometer-high solar tower. The tower will be the largest structure in the world once completed.  The process has already started in Australia.